Brazilian Football Players Who Like to Gamble

Professional footballers from Brazil spend many hours in the training and practice field as they prepare for football competitions. In their free time, many of them have made gambling their preferred way to relax. The Brazilian government is against gambling activities forcing most footballers to go for gambling in Canada and the US. 


Their most popular gambling spots are the luxury casinos, where they gamble for fun or to try their luck to win big money. Some of the gambling companies pick some of the footballers and make them their brand representatives. Here are Brazilian football players who love gambling.




Neymar may not have a long list of titles tagged to his name, but among the best-ranked Brazilian footballers, he is a high-ranking striker. His teammates love him because of his unique scoring strategies that give their teams winning goals.  


The 29-year-old professional football player has played for his national team – the Brazil national team and also for FC Barcelona. He is renowned for his speed, acceleration, and unique dribbling skills. 


In his free time, you will find Neymar at the best payout online casino spinning the slots or playing cards. He also loves playing poker in the company of friends. He openly talks about his love for betting on social media and other platforms. His experience in poker gave him a chance to participate in a recent European poker tour.




Ronaldinho started his football career in 1987 and retired in 2018. His life in football earned him 205 goals from 511 matches. He played for teams such as Gremio, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, and AC Milan. During his active years in football, the world-renowned football player from Brazil earned a total of $90 million. 


Ronaldinho is renowned for his high roller lifestyle in many classic casinos, with the best one being Golden Tiger, where he would spend thousands of dollars in betting. He has been a brand ambassador in several luxury casino hotels and resorts in both North and Southern American regions as well as in the UK and other European countries. He recently signed a contract with a leading casino in Latin America. 


At some point in his life, Ronaldinho was arrested by Brazilian authorities due to his engagement in gambling. For many years, gambling in Brazil has remained illegal, forcing most footballers to switch to online gambling or to move to countries where gambling is legal and wager from there. The parliament recently voted for gambling legalization in Brazil, and it’s expected to become effective in the latter part of 2022. 




Pele is regarded by FIFA as one of the greatest players in the history of football. He became one of the most successful footballers of his time. He was the most highly paid footballer in the world. 


Pele would tactfully anticipate the moves of other players and had a remarkably high kicking power combined with accuracy. His tactics helped the Brazilian team win three world cups, consequently between 1958 to 1970. In 1975, Pele moved to New York to play for the New York Cosmos. 


Pele was so much addicted to gambling that he would spend his entire earnings on gambling. All his life as a professional footballer was a mixture of football and wagering, and sometimes, he lost heavily. 


Pele later became the Brazilian minister of sports in the 1990s but didn’t quit his gambling habits. His main trouble as a minister of sports was putting revenues made from soccer into gambling. To date, Pele is a household name in the gambling field because he has never stopped gambling. 


Dani Alves


Since he joined professional football, Dani Alves has played as a right back. The Brazilian has played for his home team, the Brazilian National Team and has also played for La Liga Barcelona. He joined professional football when he was 18 years old, and he is today known as the oldest footballer who is still very active in the field. 


The 38-year-old footballer is still regarded as one of the strongest and most intense footballers in the world. In all his soccer life, Dani Alves has played 346 matches and scored 21 goals. He is believed to have earned over $45 million as a professional footballer.


Dani elves is known to spend his spare time in gambling activities. He is a frequent guest at several casino establishments where he spends part of his earnings in gambling. Like most footballers, poker is his favorite casino game




His real name is Antonio de Oliveira Filho. He played for his home team in Brazil for over sixty occasions and other football clubs such as the Italian Napoli. The legendary footballer was a veteran in the world cups helps in 1986 and 1990. 


Careca joined the Italian team in 1987, where he played along with Maradona to give the club the most unprecedented success. Maradona was a renowned high roller, and he might have introduced Careca into high rolling activities. He spent a good portion of his football fortunes on gambling. 


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